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Our phone (depends on what country we’re in):
Currently active with a Google-Fi SIM card, number +1-509-592-1926.

Our email:

We try to maintain a fairly accessible status via both cell phone and internet.  However, both are dependent upon local cell tower availability, range, and service.

Without cell reception (i.e during offshore shore passages or visits to remote areas), we have no phone, email, blog update or Facebook connection capability.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:  We do have an Iridium Go! satellite connection aboard.  It will get through to us day or night, pretty much anywhere on the planet.
Due to VERY limited bandwidth, only basic text messages can be sent.
Our emergency contact is:

S/V Exit’s current position can be determined at any time through an  independent link on our main page (RIGHT HERE… RIGHT NOW).

Or, if you prefer, provide contact information with a comment below.

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