Lessons Learned

September 9, 2017

Important lessons learned today…

The Facts:

1)  Our holding tank (the tank that holds all the poo and pee) has a 50 gallon capacity.                             2)  We last pumped out the holding tank (a surprisingly less disgusting task than one might imagine) on September 1.

The Lessons:

1)  One needs to recognize that feeling great resistance in the handle of the toilet pump when trying to flush the toilet may be a signal that the holding tank is full.                                                                2)  Contents of said holding tank have no where to go once the tank is full except out the pump out port on deck and/or out the tank vent in the bow locker.                                                                 3)  Recognizing quickly that this undesirable process is happening only lessens the degree of disgust to be endured if the problem actually occurs (at least as disgusting a task as one might imagine)                                                                                                                                                4)  Eight days is too long between holding tank pump-outs!!!


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