One Year Ago Today

May 26, 2018

     Another “one year ago today” moment.

     It’s hard to fully process that it’s been a full year since we first stepped aboard Exit in 2017.

“Exit” selling herself May 26, 2017

     At that time, we had resigned ourselves to the assumption that Exit was not in the cards for us.  Though we had been drooling over her for over a year every time we looked at the listing online, she always seemed just out of reach of our budget.  Not to mention the fact that an offer had already been made by other potential buyers.

     We boarded her only with the intention of further educating ourselves regarding options we needed to consider as we continued hunting.

     This was the opportunity, once and for all, to get past her.  As had been the case with every other boat we had looked at, we fully expected to realize that she was not nearly as magical and majestic in reality as she looked on paper.

     Get aboard, see for ourselves, and then keep looking (a process we were growing both frustrated with, based upon our seeming lack of progress, as well as fearful of, based upon the prospect that we simply couldn’t find the right boat despite the fact that we really didn’t know what we were looking for).

     We couldn’t have been more wrong.

     And once you know something beyond a doubt, there’s no going back.

     In this case we both knew, without any doubt, she was the boat for us.

     Then, stunned at this realization, from the moment we called Pete at Swiftsure Yachts (and were told that, despite an offer already being in place, we had the option of putting in our own offer since nothing was set in stone yet) the crazy whirlwind began to materialize.

Watching the Blue Angels flying above Annapolis after calling Pete at Swiftsure

A whirlwind that eventually carried us to this point.

     A million things could have turned out differently.

     Not being religious or superstitious, fate does not get the credit here.  However, I firmly believe in circumstances sometimes providing rare opportunities.  And if capitalized upon, those opportunities can cash in on results that, in hindsight, make things seem as though they were simply meant to be.

     Had we not hopped on a train to the East Coast to look at other boats…

     Had we not decided, since we were already in the area, we might as well see Exit in person…

     Had the previous offer already been accepted…

     Had we started playing our own negotiation game with the current owner and ended up with a rejected offer ourselves…

     So many paths that could have led us away…

     And yet, here we are…

Egg Island
… May 26, 2018 – one year later at Little Egg Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

     Sometimes the world sucks.  Sometimes it fucking rocks!


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